34th CINP World Congress of Neuropsychopharmacology

Philippe Courtet

Position: University Of Montpellier
Categories: Speakers
Philippe Courtet, MD, is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Montpellier, and Head of the Department of Emergency & Acute Care Psychiatry at the Academic Hospital, Montpellier, France. He leads the Chair of Excellence in Prevention of Suicide of the Fondation Fondamental, and a research group on “Biomarkers and environment in neuropsychiatric disorders” at the INSERM. His areas of interest involve vulnerability to suicidal behaviour in patients with mood disorders, focusing on brain imaging and social pain. Professor Courtet is now implementing projects using web-based tools for assessing and managing suicidal patients.

Professor Courtet is the new Chairman of the Section of Suicidology and Suicide Prevention of the European Psychiatric Association (EPA), member of the Ethics Committed of the EPA, former President of the French Association of Biological Psychiatry and Neuropsychopharmacology, and a member of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (former co-chair of the Suicide Network).

He has published more than 400 articles in peer-reviewed journals, numerous book chapters and edited three books on suicidal behaviour.